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A 100% Portuguese
superior quality olive oil

Established in 2013 in Vidigueira, in the heart of the Alentejo*, Stork Olive Oil focusses on the environmentally sustainable production of olives and the bulk sale of benchmark extra virgin olive oil, and is currently one of the 10 largest Portuguese companies operating in the sector.

The objective, from the outset, was always to invest in Portugal, in local development and in a 100% national, healthy product with identity, history, taste and tradition, used in countless dishes on all continents.

To this end, we have over 1000 hectares of olive groves, cultivated with Arbequina, Hojiblanca, Arbosana and Picual varieties in two types of system: intensive and super-intensive.
​At the moment, in Portugal, we produce an average of 600 tonnes of olive oil, supplying leading brands operating in the area like Sovena and Galo.



5.500.000 KG

In terms of exports, we supply companies in Spain (the largest producer in the world of olive oil), like Deoleo, and in Italy, while our more recent focus on markets to explore has essentially been on the Far East (above all Japan), the USA and Northern Europe.
Besides our expansion strategy, in the following years Stork Olive Oil also intends to continue to invest in modernization and innovation with regard to crops, techniques, methods, machines and human resources (more professionalised) so as to always provide our clients with excellent extra virgin olive oil.

Evolução Cronológica da Empresa

Monte da Cegonha Estate

Purchase of the 500 hectare Monte da Cegonha Estate, and respective recovery of the olive grove: fertilise and treat the land and prune trees.


Intensive cultivation

Intensive cultivation of 450 hectares of land with three varieties of olive: Picual, Hojiblanca and Arbequina.

Super-intensive cultivation of 50 hectares with Arbosana olives


Oil press in Ferreira do Alentejo

Acquisition of an oil press in Ferreira do Alentejo which, when it was built in 2010, was the largest in the world, with a capacity for 30 million kilos of olives.


Second estate

Purchase of a second estate with 250 hectares and its super-intensive plantation with Arbosana olive trees.


Third estate

Purchase of a third estate with 300 hectares and super-intensive plantation of Arbosana olive trees with even more up-to-date and innovative methods.


Olives Production by Variety and Crop Year

Note: Arbequina, Picual and Arbosana are the varieties used for olive oil production. Hojiblanca is a table olive variety.

Olive Oil Sales
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Table Olives Sales
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