Stork Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil in bulk
The healthiest and most resistant olive oil

About Stork Olive Oil

Established in 2013 in Vidigueira, in the heart of the Alentejo*, Stork Olive Oil focusses on the environmentally sustainable production of olives and the bulk sale of benchmark extra virgin olive oil, and is currently one of the 10 largest Portuguese companies operating in the sector.

Genuine appreciation of national produce

Genuine appreciation of national produce

We invest in our country, in local development, in environmentally sustainable cultivation practices and in a 100% Portuguese product that is traditional and healthy.

Suppliers of Sovena, Galo and Deoleo

Suppliers of Sovena, Galo and Deoleo

We account for a good part of olive oil production in Portugal and supply benchmark companies, nationally and internationally, like Sovena, Galo and Deoleo.

More than 1000 hectares of healthy olive groves

More than 1000 hectares of healthy olive groves

We own more than 1000 hectares of olive groves, organised into intensive and super-intensive plantations that are controlled by our professional staff.

Variety of olives produced in the Herdade da Cegonha


Olive oil produced from Arbequina olives is always very mild (slightly bitter and spicy), marked by a tang of fresh tomato and an aroma of almonds.


Arbosana olive oil is of intermediate intensity, spicy and slightly bitter to the taste, with a distinct hint of ripe tomato, herbs or camomile tea.


Picual olive generate a more intense olive oil (quite spicy and bitter), with hints of the countryside, broom, green apple and dried fruit.


Hojiblanca is widely used as a table olive as it is big, tasty and consistent. When transformed into olive oil, it tastes of fresh grass with an aftertaste of almonds.

Health benefits of extra virgin olive oil

Rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids and natural antioxidants (above all polyphenols and derivatives), virgin olive oil, by protecting cells against harmful agents, helps to fight bad cholesterol (LDL), ageing of the organism and various diseases like cancer, diabetes and STROKE.