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The following Privacy Policy explains how we collect, use and store the collected information and how we protect your privacy. By using this website and/or supplying information to us through it, you confirm your legal consent to the collection, utilization and/or storage of your personal information by us, in accordance to this Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy was developed with the intention to let you know of the principles and duties to which we comply in matters of data protection.

The following Privacy Policy is valid exclusively in the utilization and data processing on this website.


The entity responsible for the processing of user data is MONTE DA CEGONHA, SOCIEDADE AGRÍCOLA, S.A. (hereinafter referred to as “Monte da Cegonha”), with a registered office in Espaço Castilho, Rua Castilho, No 13-D, 2nd-D, 1250-066 Lisboa.

Monte da Cegonha, as the responsible entity for data processing of its user data, promotes the confidentiality and privacy of all data collected, ensuring its protection and appropriate utilization, in accordance to the terms defined in this Policy.


The personal data collected on this website seeks to respond to requests for contact, the elaboration of budgets, to give general information, and for legal effects, in the event that any contract or commercial transaction should arise with Monte da Cegonha.

All user data is stored in Cloud servers located in the European Union. These servers are protected and kept in accordance to the highest standards of security, always respecting the applicable privacy laws.


Monte da Cegonha can report collected data to other entities, such as:

  • To any other entity part of the corporate Group of Monte da Cegonha, or other entities with which Monte da Cegonha develops or comes to develop partnerships of any kind;

  • To subcontracting entities, so that they proceed to the data processing under its instructions and on its name. When that event occurs, Monte da Cegonha ensures that the subcontracting parties offer sufficient guarantees of execution and technical and logistical measures appropriate to comply with the legal and regulamentary demands in effect for data processing, and ensuring the data protection of its users;

  • To service providers that render services to Monte da Cegonha.

These entities are legally bound to develop technical and logistical measures compliant with data protection and to ensure the defense of data subjects and data holders.

  • To third-parties:
  1. Whenever data reporting is necessary for the compliance with legal duties or court orders,
  2. To satisfy requests arising from public or governmental authorities;

In any of the abovementioned situations, Monte da Cegonha shall take the necessary measures to ensure personal data protection.


Monte da Cegonha shall develop the best efforts to protect user personal data against the destruction, loss, accidental or illicit alterations, divulgation or non-authorized access. To that effect Monte da Cegonha shall use security systems, rules and other procedures to ensure personal data protection, to prevent improper use, its divulgation, loss and destruction.

To protect personal information and the right to privacy, Monte da Cegonha commits to:

  • Not collecting, utilizing or divulging personal information to any ends other than those identified in the shared documents.
  • Keeping personal information only during the time that is necessary to fulfill the declared objective or in accordance to what is legally demanded.
  • Keeping personal information in a precise, complete and actualized manner to the best of Monte da Cegonha’s ability.
  • Protecting personal information to the best of our ability.
  • Responding to any request for the access or correction of the personal information at Monte da Cegonha’s disposal.
  • Obtaining appropriate consent for the collection, usage or exchange of personal information.

The holder or subject of Personal Data is entitled to solicit to Monte da Cegonha, through a written request:

– The access, under the terms and conditions legally foreseen, of Personal Data that are relevant to the subject and object of treatment by Monte da Cegonha;

– The correction or updating of inexact or unactualized Personal Data that concern the subject;

– The treatment of missing Personal Data whenever they are incomplete;

– The legally foreseen deletion of Personal Data that may concern you;

– Upon the verification of legally established conditions, the limitation on Personal Data processing which may concern you.

Upon submitting a written request, the Personal Data subject or holder is entitled to:

– Withdrawing a previous consent, whenever the data processing is solely reliant on consent;

– Opposing to the treatment of personal data for grounds related to the data subject’s particular situation, whenever the data processing is grounded on a legitimate interest by the responsible for the data processing;

– Receiving in digital form from the responsible from the treatment the personal data that may concern you and have been supplied by you and processed by automated means grounded on:

(a) on consent given by the data subject, or,

(b) in a contract,

being able to request in writing the subsequent transmission directly for another responsible, whenever such a situation is technically possible.

The Personal Data subject or holder can request further detailed information, namely on the grounds for legality and the conservation deadlines, and they can also present any complaints on how their Personal Data may have been processed, notwithstanding the possibility to do so before the competent Authority.


Monte da Cegonha can collect and keep information stored for as long as it is necessary to meet the objectives of the data processing, however, the personal data subject can at any time withdraw their consent without compromising the legality of the previous data processing.

On its website Monte da Cegonha utilizes cookies and other similar technologies that foster a better performance and user experience, increasing on the one hand the speed and efficiency of response and, on the other hand, eliminating the necessity of introducing the same information repeatedly.

The placement of cookies helps websites to recognize the User’s device on the next visit, often being crucial for the good functioning of the website.

Monte da Cegonha’s cookies don’t collect personal information that permits the identification of its Users, collecting only generic information, namely the form of access, the region or city of access, among others.

Monte da Cegonha uses the following cookies:

  • Essential – necessary to the navigation on the website, ensuring the access to private areas in order to allow for the performance of specific tasks, namely of session cookies.
  • Analytical – necessary to the collection of statistical navigation information and of utilization of the website, namely, Google.

The cookie-generated information can be sent to third-parties for the analysis of trends, navigation screening and performance without identifying any user.

How to control cookies?

Users can impede the use of cookies on their navigator. However, when this option is limited, some resources and tools can be significantly impaired.

Monte da Cegonha cannot be held liable for any damages in the context of civil liability (including but not limited to arising damages or loss of profits, moral damages, whether directly or indirectly caused) that arise from the correct or incorrect utilization of its Services, websites and respective content on the part of the user, including the unlawful access to the device and informatic service of the user by third-parties.

Websites can contain hiperlinks for websites ran by third parties, over which Monte da Cegonha has no control and assumes no responsibility.

The visualization of legal statements on this website does not preclude the accessing of the legal framework in effect, officially approved and published in the editions and original supports (namely in the National Official Journal, Diário da República, or the Official Journal of the European Union).

The present Privacy Policy can be periodically amended, via publication on the website, without needing previous and express consent of the data subjects. Any significant changes will be communicated with the degree of publicity that corresponds to its relevance, whether a highlight on the online publication or, in the event that its relevance so demands, following an individualized communication to the data subjects.


For any additional information concerning the Privacy Policy of Monte da Cegonha, or concerning any data processing, as well for the exercise of legal rights and/or to present complaints, the contacting addresses are the following:

Postal Address:

Monte da Cegonha, Sociedade Agrícola, S.A.

Espaço Castilho – Rua Castilho, n.º 13 D, 2º D

1250-066, Lisboa, Portugal

Electronic Address:

You are entitled to present a complaint with the National Commission for the Protection of Data (Comissão Nacional de Proteção de Dados –

Should any question arise, please do not hesitate to contact us.